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Dear friends & partners:

Shandong Hoteam Software Co.,Ltd (abbr. HoteamSoft), coming from China, is looking for global cooperation partners. 

Company profile:
Founded in 1993, HoteamSoft has become a leading solution provider in the domain of manufacturing informatization in China. With more than 500 dedicated employees, we have developed a complete series of manufacturing IT solutions, and our services covering a wide range of domains such as CAD /CAM/ CAPP / PDM / MPM / WMS / SRM. HoteamSoft represents the advanced level of Chinese industrial software, as well as becoming the core software provider for supporting economy transformation of intelligent.

Core products:
SINOVATION is a 3D CAD/CAM desktop application developed by HoteamSoft. With full intellectual property rights, its core functionalities encompass many world’s most advanced techniques, yet its design focus simplicity and utility. It supports direct modeling, feature-based modeling as well as hybrid modeling, and it enables parametric designing and dynamic navigation during product design phase. In respect of CAM, SINOVATION provides solutions for CAM processing, design and manufacturing of stamping dies, mold injection, mold processing with lost foam, and laser cutting controls. In addition, the stamping & die surface design module (Springback, R reduce, Clearance design) is so welcomed by automobile mold enterprises and widely used, helping them effectively improve design efficiency. 

SView is a light-weight 3D visualization tool for CAD models. Developed by HoteamSoft, it not only allows users to inspect and examine 3D models in a comprehensive yet easy way, but also supports multiple features like model assembling, virtual touring, 3D annotations and measuring, etc. Besides, it can be used in many creative scenarios such as collaborative meetings, 3d assembly process simulations, CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment) and IETM (Interactive Electronic Technical Manual).  After processing CAD generated models, core information in PLM such as PMI, product BOM structure and attributes, are kept intact, and through embedded deployment, these information will contribute towards creating a complete visualized solution covering product design, process planning, manufacturing, quality inspection, marketing and customer services. Available on Windows, android and iOS devices, SView aims to achieve 3d visualization for a wide range of industries. 

PDM system is product-centric. It realizes the unified management of process and information related to product design and process, and it achieves data sequencing, design process optimization, and resource sharing. In addition, it helps to standardize R&D processes, improve design and process efficiency, shorten product development cycles and reduce product costs, which gives enterprises initiatives and competitive advantages.

HoteamSoft is looking forward to your reply and realizing collaboration with you. Also, we are warmly welcoming you to visit HoteamSoft and have a pleasant conversation.

Let’s work together and achieve win-win!

Thank you!

Best Regards
International Business Director
Tianjie Ma(马天杰)

Address: Mingsheng Building 15th Floor, 2117 Xinluo Street, High-tech Industrial Development District, Jinan, Shandong, China
Post: 250101
Mobile: 0086-18668983377

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