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SView Mobile Quality Data Collection Solution


Currently, quality data collection process is required more and more frequently in large complex industries (ship, vehicle, nuclear power etc. ), and traditional ways of quality data collection could not satisfy industry needs any more.

●Complex Environment(deep, narrow space, poor lighting condition, etc.)
Low informatization level of Product Data Collection Process
Poor traceability of Quality Data
Unable to associate with 3D Product Models
Little flexibility of writing List Template

So you need a safe, direct, accurate and efficient solution — SView Mobile Quality Data Collection Solution.

Technical Proposal 
The solution is composed of a viewer and a management tool, with comprehensive APIs provided ,and can be integrated with PDM,CAPP,MES etc..

Proposal Resume

Mobile Viewer

You can view 3D models together with process files, and collect quality data at the same time, thus improve productivity. 

Safe and Flexible Data Collection Tool 

●You can collect text, audios, pictures, videos and other multimedia data in production department in real time, and clearly show quality inspection results in many ways.
The multimedia data collected can be dynamically associated with quality procedures to improve data traceability.

●Based on a lightweight 3D model viewer and 3D quality inspection expressions:
Quality inspectors can learn about every model details and view 3D models at any time via SView.

●Electronic Signature
Inspectors sign on the check list after confirming collected data is accurate, and timestamp is automatically generated.This ensures individual responsibility.

●Product Data Collection In Pad In Real Time

Take the task,download/make process files, check list/3D models.
Inspectors use the lists to record product data in product department to realize data collection in real time.

Check List Management Tool

When carrying out standard quality data collection, it can set the type of import data, the authority and other information to reduce the mistake and improve the quality of data collection.

Customized data search.
Quickly produce corresponding data summary lists according to statistical requirements.
One-click to summarize the model data sheet in its final state, and respond to current product status in real time.
Independently manage multimedia data, and provide support for archiving process data .

Proposal Value


View lightweight 3D models and process files conveniently
Show product quality issues directly


A  unified product quality data management platform
Excellent data traceability


Automatically retrieve text, audio and video records related to quality controls.
Greatly improve  the efficiency of statistical analysis process

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