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SView General Machinery Industry Solution

What is SView?

SView is a light-weight 3D visualization tool for CAD models. It not only allows users to inspect and examine 3D models in a comprehensive yet easy way, but also supports multiple features like model assembling, virtual touring, 3D annotations and measuring, etc. Besides, it can be used in many creative scenarios such as collaborative meetings, 3d assembly process simulations, CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment) and IETM (Interactive Electronic Technical Manual).  After processing CAD generated models, core information in PLM such as PMI, product BOM structure and attributes, are kept intact, and through embedded deployment, these information will contribute towards creating a complete visualized solution covering product design, process planning, manufacturing, quality inspection, marketing and customer services. Available on Windows, android and iOS devices, Sview aims to achieve 3d visualization for a wide range of industries.


Design Phase – View large models

● With increasing complexity of product designs, it is difficult to view 3D models with CAD softwares. The time of loading large models is usually long and the interactive experience  of using CAD softwares is getting worse.

● SView enables you to easily view data-intensive models such as large vehicles, complex oil platforms, etc. It loads files quickly and uses less memory so that designers can have a overall picture during product design.

Design Period – Design Review

Sview shows model structures and properties, product manufacturing information(PMI),customized viewing packages etc.In addition, annotation functions which can indicate design flaws make design review simple, direct and efficient .

Design Period –Heterogeneous Collaboration

It makes post-production viewing, interference detection and simulation analysis possible by successfully assembling heterogeneous CAD models, thus resolved the difficulty of data exchange and sharing brought by heterogeneous CAD models.

Process Period – Overview

Process Phase –Integrated with PLM

After being integrated with PDM,CAPP etc., users can make annotations, animations in PDM and view them in SView. Meanwhile, product data information will be delivered to the next process phase.

Process Period — 3D Process Card

Integrated with 3D process and it can be embedded in 3D process card.

Process Period — Data reuse

The data information produced in design and process phase can be reused in the next step.

Based on assembly planning, define assembly process

Define assembly process based on assembly planning.

Adding assembly annotations according to assembly 
Making assembly animation

Generate 3D visualization process documentation

Making learning ,training, maintenance documents based on SVL files in Windows/Android/iOS.

Manufacture Period — Direct Production

Product manufacture information(PMI) and custom views

Using measurement and annotations to direct production


Sales Period — Product Demos

Traditional Pictures:High Cost, Non interactive, Can’t be used repeatedly.

SView:Low Cost, Strong interactivity, Simple to make, View online.

After-sale Service — 3D Usage Instructions

Embed the SVL files in the traditional usage instructions ,and view them in 3D form.


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