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Collaborative Manufacturing Management Platform

  Product concept:

     Collaborative Manufacturing, Lean Production, Quick Response

      CMMP(Collaborative Manufacturing Management Platform)is the optimum   solution for discrete assembly industry. CMMP can help enterprises solve problems from designing, manufacturing techniques, production, logistics and finance, and achieve effective collaboration between design layer, planning layer and execution layer. In addition, it can maximize enterprise profits and enhance enterprise competiveness by quickly responding to market demands.

Benefits of using CMMP

Build an accurate, stable and secure enterprise information management system so that production flow, material flow and fund flow are effectively supervised. In the mean time, enterprise recourses are effectively managed and supply chain management is improved.

Create A mixed manufacture and supply mode driven by orders; build a collaborative planning framework and introduce JIT to stimulate productivity; apply a push-pull mixed production organization mode to reduce WIP and inventory, and to increase turnover rate of fund.

Efficiently manage product modifications and improve its traceability, and effectively monitor production breakpoints.

Collaborative development and manufacture of products on the supply chain. Mainly achieve the collaborative process of project data preparations and product design modifications out of customers’ demands.

Realize the transformation from sale orders to production orders by evaluating and publishing orders.

Collaborative planning and quick response for supply chain. Applying BOM as the backbone structure, product quality can be improved by getting through the closed-loop business process which is in the form of design-technique-procurement-manufacturing-logistics and after-sales; set up a collaborative supply chain from customers, host factory to suppliers.

Execution and monitoring of production process. (Automatic vehicle identification, production monitoring, vehicle tracing and sequencing, information release, fault prevention instructions etc. It provides detailed manufacturing instructions and control methods for production process)

Lean production. Achieve cost minimization by avoiding essential waste during production.

Flexible mixed line production; modularized manufacturing; JIT production; minimal inventory; JIT delivery and comprehensive quality control.  

Assist decision-making.

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